Charge for Publishing

Jun 25, 2009 at 6:03 AM

Referring the following text at the author's site:

"This feature allows you to charge a fee before a user publishes a post from your site.  This works very well for WordPress-driven job boards.  Create a page with the title of ‘[Payment Options]‘.  Whenever a user attempts to access the post editor, WordPress will check the number of post credits available to the user.  If they have run out of post credits, they will be taken to your custom payment page."

I set-up to charge for publishing based on [paybutton]1 Job Post|1|30|||[/paybutton]. The user is taken to the payment page and after making payment he returns to the site and is able to submit posts. However, he is able to submit any number of posts not just one per the button code. Wordpress is not checking the number of credits available to the user.

Is this a bug or did I not do something else required to be done? Also, how does the post expire? Or it does not expires at all? Thanks.