Return IPN to Activate EPP

Jan 24, 2009 at 4:00 PM
Edited Jan 25, 2009 at 6:24 AM
Shannon, what is the correct IPN return to activate the EPP plugin? I do not have a copy of the EPPv3.2 documents, and obviously the EPPv3.5 does not mention this anywhere.

As of now, I am using EPPv3.5 and WPv2.7 at

As a check, I logged on from another computer and registered on the site with a new username. Wordpress did its thing in registering. An email was sent with the password and I logged back in. At this point I was sent to PayPal to pay for the subscription. After payment, I was returned to the site, to receive the notice: "Authorization Code Check Failed."

The return was to the EPP Plugin and included all the return values from PayPal as to the subscriber and the payment amount. The coding was there in the URL window and was being sent to the EPP Plugin, but were not accepted by the plugin.

Of course, when I tried to log back in the site, EPP kicks in and sends me back to PayPal for payment, even though the payment went through.

If you could be specific as to what is needed by EPP to finish this "Authorization Code Check" I'd be grateful. My host does not offer third party technical assistance, but they are willing to help if I can tell them what is expected of the server. Can you please be specific as to the requirements of my server to finish the authorization.

I understand that this is a free resource and that you are not being paid to troubleshoot. There has been some talk by others that if I were to pay for the troubleshooting I would be able to get a resolve, but I have not seen anything from you about this service if it is available.

Bill Hood
Solutions Journal Magazine
Jan 25, 2009 at 1:53 AM
@BillHood$0 $0 There is no documentation for any version beyond what you've already seen with the downloads.  I do not think Shannon has explicitly offered a troubleshooting service.  $0 $0 The good thing about an open source project is that you could pay anyone to fix your problem.  I know at least two other people on this website who have had a lot of success paying for help installing and modifying EPP for their purposes.  If you're having trouble fixing the problem yourself, trying out EPP on one of your other servers or 300 sites, you should really consider just finding a coder to fix your problem.$0 $0 Good luck.$0 $0 PDR$0
Jan 27, 2009 at 11:18 PM
Hi Bill,

In the email dated January 10th, I included an image with two screenshots.  The top screenshot includes all of the return values that are displayed from my server.  You can see the item code, the amount, the return url, etc. 

I placed the following code in easy_paypalreturn.php to display those values:

foreach($_POST as $var)
    echo $var;

I placed the same exact code in the same file on your server and nothing was displayed.  The second screenshot shows that none of the return values were accepted by your server.

It could be your web server, web server version, php version, or any number of other things, but something is not working correctly when PayPal posts its values to your server.  The first screenshot contains the expected values from a typical transaction.

I wish I could be more helpful, but this would require lengthy troubleshooting sessions for something that appears to me to be an issue between PayPal and your server.