Charge to Publish - features

Oct 14, 2008 at 11:19 PM

I download Your plugin because it looks like something I'm looking around.
It is working great as You describe on Your website, but I have two questions.

Is it possible to use "Charge to Publish" in way:
- user CAN WRITE on post but CAN NOT publish?
(So, post is saved and when they pay or I put them on the exception list they will be able to publish it.
For not it looks like Charge to Post, and user don't know what to expect on writing panel before they pay)
- Payment Period for CHARGE TO PUBSLIH?
(so if I put payment period to... let say 1 year, they will need to pay again for post and
after that they will be able to publish it again
Also, send user an email like notice that post is UNPUBLISHED)