Paying For Categories Feature

Sep 15, 2008 at 8:42 AM
I really like your plug in and i've set up a site to get practice and a feel for it before i go live.   is more of a practice site for easypaypal right now than anything else.

ive configured the subscriptions, paid subscriptions content, free trials, pay to post page w/ options, subscription page w/ options.. the only thing i havent been able to configure properly is the "purchase categories" section.   ive made a page called "Purchase Categories" on my site and on the "easypaypal config page"   i have the category "mold" hidden on the "easypaypal config page"  and the page is referred to as "5" or "cat=5"  or "?cat=5"   (in the browser when you click on it)  what is the proper button format for purchasing categories for the "Purchase Categories" page.

right now i'm using: (er, more like,  i've tried):

1st tried:

2nd tried:

3rd tried:

4th tried:

heres another question sort of on the same topic.

say you have 3 different private categories... like bronze, silver, gold.   and you want to sell 3 different "packages" (of categories)... 1st being "bronze"    2nd being "bronze+silver" 3rd being "bronze+silver+gold".      So,  is there a way to write out those buttons by putting a comma inbetween the category names   (i.e.  [paybutton]gold category|2silver+,1bronze+,3gold|5.00|USD|||[/paybutton]  is this possible?

or would i layer the categories over the buttons... like, associate categorie 1 with 3 things, associate category 2 with those 3 things plus three more things, and associate category3 with those 6 things plus 3 more things..     and when someone buys layer 3 it unlocks everything (or would you have to purchase categorie 1 and 2 along with 3 [if u bought 3 first] to see everything.  

sorry, i know its a little confusing but there's a lack of documentation amongst the "category" feature, and i'm sure these questions would help many others too.

i plan on sending you support in the form of debt (sorry, but thats what Federal Reserve Notes are.. i didn't write the rules) lol. as soon as i get any money as a result of this plug in. Thanks, I love everything else about it so far.