Problem with Currency

May 8, 2008 at 4:29 PM
Thanks for this great plugin. Definitely worth contrubuting !

Am using version 3.2 .having an issue with currency. am getting the following error when a user is trying to pay for the post.

Return to merchant :

"This recipient does not accept payments denominated in USD. Please contact the seller and ask him to update his payment receiving preferences to accept this currency."

I have an australian account and i have been able to accept so many payments in USD.

i have checked the following in my paypal receiving preferrences :

>Block payments sent to me in a currency I do not hold:
>>No, accept them and convert them to US Dollars

In the easypaypal config, i have selected :
Currency Code : USD
and payment
paybutton{video}|{220}|{10}|{USD}|{0}|{This is test}/paybutton

I have also updated my paypal IPN with the url ....... /easypaypal/paypal_ipn.php

I have tried changing everything to AUD but same problems. i am more puzzled to see that am being taken to the page saying this seller does not take USD payments.

Could anyone advise? i think there my be a problem with the IPN script ?

would really appreciate help

May 9, 2008 at 5:17 AM
Just reading through papal ipn manual. I think there might be some variables that is causing the problem with multiple currency

But am not a programmer

:see page 28
With multiple currencies, you can accept payments in any of the PayPal-supported currencies
(see Table 1.1, “PayPal-Supported Currencies, Currency Codes, and Maximum Transaction
Amounts” on page 13). As a result, your IPNs will then include information about the
currency of the payment. The following overview explains how IPN interacts with multiple
NOTE: If you are using one of PayPal’s Website Payments solutions (e.g. PayPal Shopping
Cart), and would like to be paid in a currency other than U.S. Dollars, you will need
set up your buttons for your currency of choice.
paymentgross and paymentfee
These variables reflect the amount received and corresponding fee of U.S. Dollar (USD)
payments. If the amount received and fee deducted are in a currency other than USD, the
variables will still appear in your IPN, but will have no values in them.
NOTE: payment_fee is not always present in IPNs, such as when a payment is pending.


Please advise