subscription site confusion -- example?

May 1, 2008 at 4:20 PM

Thanks Shannon for the great plugin. I didn't find EasyPayPal on the wordpress plugins page, it might be worth getting the word out on this one. Maybe you'll even get more donations for the cause ;)

My setup: I've get a WP 2.3.3 and EasyPayPal 3.2 site that has mostly free content, with a single entry page that has paid content. The paid entry page has links that go to other pages that need to be protected as well. This is on a monthly subscription basis, that should be automatically renewed, unless a member cancels.

My Question: I don't quite understand the usage of your tags in setting up a scenario like this. Could you kindly give an example of how I need to set up the tags for the member pages, and the member link pages (if different).


Also, is it possible to set up a system where I have free public content, free registered content (where they have to enter there email address, but pay nothing), and paid recurring subscription content that automatically renews the subscription, using your EasyPayPal plug-in ?

I've been using the role-manager plugin and hidepost plugins with amember, which allows me to have different levels of membership. I was dreaming last night, and thought that you might be able to use role-manager and hidepost to do the same thing !? ?? Maybe? I like your plug-in a lot better than amember.

Thanks again for your plug-in, I'll donate to your upgrade campaign as soon as I get your plug-in integrated ;)