Hidding a form on a page with EasyPayPal?

Apr 30, 2008 at 10:44 PM
Hi Shannon,

I currently have created a form that can post a post from outside WP-Admin, i am in need of hiding that form so users will have pay to submit a post and be able to use it for a one off fee for a certain amount of days!

I have downloaded the current version of EasyPayPal but cant figure out how it can be done, i have tried the examples on your website but still it doesn't work, that is if it can be done!

What i am trying to achieve is below...

<!-- Hide this form below -->
<input stuff here />
<input stuff here />
<!-- END form -->

Im using Wordpress 2.5 and have the current version of your plugin installed.

I would appreciate some help on getting this to work (if it can work) because this is a great plugin.